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Our Story

LC Capital was founded in 2022 with a single mission: to create value for our clients through strategic acquisition, leasing, and disposition of flex and single-story office properties in the Carolinas. Founders Clifford Lamson and Josh Campbell carefully evaluate each project in order to meet the financial goals and time constraints of our clients. 

Speed and accuracy are paramount. By narrowing our scope to flex and single-story office properties, we are able to quickly and effectively underwrite our projects so that we can jump on opportunities as they arise. LC Capital and our financial partners acquire, lease, manage, and sell these properties.

We are committed to placing the needs of our clients first. That is why LC Capital does not accept any profit until our partners are not only made whole on their investment, but have also achieved their targeted return. This structure ensures that our interests and the interests of our clients are fully aligned.

For those interested in learning more, please reach out to us to get started.

335 Archdale Drive
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